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Austerity records are a small & successful independent record label, taking inspiration from the legendary Creation records, Austerity takes much pride in supporting and developing their impressive rosta of artists such as SNAYX, SEADOG, THE OPD & many more & act, in many ways, as a initial helping ( huge ) hand for the artists.

But Austerity records don’t just stop there, they regularly put on showcase events & this summer see’s Austerity present the seaview alldayer on the 8th July in Bexhill & the mouth watering line up features established acts such as the simply brilliant B.C CAMPLIGHT & HEARTWORMS alongside up and coming acts such as AIRCOOLED,PALE BLUE EYES and Austerity records own SNAYX, WINTER GARDENS , THE OPD & many more. I recently got the opportunity to ask the guys from Austerity a few questions and to find out a bit more about it all.

Hey austerity records, what’s going down?

A. The label has just taken the plunge with the announcement of our biggest event yet – Seaview Festival, taking place in Bexhill this summer. An all-day event held on the beachside lawns at the beautiful De La Warr Pavilion, Seaview is all about showcasing established artists alongside up-&-coming austerity favourites – all enjoyed with the breath-taking backdrop of the South Coast. We’ve also just seen the release of the debut SNAYX EP “Weaponized Youth: Part One” & have many more releases lined up for the latter part of the year – it’s been a very busy 2023 so far!

Q. So the name, Austerity records, is instinctively a politically charged term. Was the name an indication of what you, as a label, represent? A boot to the face of years of misery caused by austerity? (equality etc, so to speak)

A.Exactly that. The concept & idea of austerity being the complete antithesis of our label’s identity & values – in essence of Norman Cook’s ‘Skint’ dance label. A word that holds such negative connotations but with our values contradicting it.

Q. Your roster of bands is pretty impressive and varied, (Winter Gardens, The OPD, SNAYX to name but a few). It reminds me personally of labels such as Creation or Chemikal Underground.

A. Creation Records is a huge influence on all of us at austerity. We were actually lucky enough to meet the main man Alan McGee a few years back when Winter Gardens opened for his ‘Evening With…’ live show. We’re heavily inspired by record labels that are driven by pure passion, not profit – something we completely identify with.

Q.Do you have a selective process on signing a band? How does your process work?

A. It all varies from band to band really. We see ourselves as a ‘springboard’ label, helping bands at an early stage in their career to navigate their musical vision. So it really depends on the artists’ goals. We have built a solid network of contacts & friends over the years – whether that’s agents, PR, venues or local record stores – so we feel we can offer a valuable insight.

Q. Running a label, are there a lot of people involved?

A . Austerity is actually only a very small team of three – myself, Garry & Matt. Although, as the label shifts into its next evolved state, I’m certain that will change. Organisation can be difficult at times as we all also have day jobs – but AUSTERITY is always a priority for us & we spend most of our free time working on building the brand & exceeding our goals.

Q. What have been some of Austerity’s proudest moments?

A. There have been loads. Most recently, the rapid sale of the SNAYX debut really blew us away – we had sold over 60% of the 12” vinyl within the first few days of pre- orders going live! & seeing all the praise & love the EP brought with it really was heart-warming. Going back, the aforementioned evening with Alan McGee, the success of our ‘C60 Club’ cassette series, every one of our gigs & all-dayers. There’s been many. Ultimately, witnessing the acts we have worked with flourish into the next part of the journey has been the most important moments – it’s what it’s all about!

Q.What’s next on the agenda for Austerity?

A. Obviously, Seaview is coming up in July & we are thrilled to be hosting the likes of Warmduscher, BC Camplight, Heartworms etc. Beyond that, we are keen to keep a focus on the live events, as this gives us a chance to work with acts we wouldn’t usually work with & hopefully generate more funding to help our current roster. So watch this space

Thanks Jamie, always a pleasure, never a chore.

Check out Winter gardens, SNAYX, the opd and many more over at Austerity records & see you all at SEAVIEW!!!




Winter gardens

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